For over almost 150 years, Amstel has brewed a unique beer for all those people and moments in life so valuable they should be savoured and so good they must be shared. Scroll down and discover what makes Amstel so very special.

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Founded in 1870

In 1870, our brewery was founded by two friends in Amsterdam. They brewed a new, Bavaria-style lager beer that became an instant favourite. Now, 150 years later, not only the Dutch, but people from all over the world know the excellent quality of Amstel.

Born out of Friendship

As it happens, Amstel Beer was born from the very particular friendship of its two founders: Charles de Pesters and Johannes van Marwijk Kooy. Brothers-In-Law and best friends who, as the story goes, could not find a single beer in Amsterdam that they both liked. So they decided to create their own. The rest is history.

Dedication to Great Beer

After having started to brew their very own beer, Charles and Johannes were still not satisfied. For them it was never about ‘getting things done’ and all about ‘getting things right’. The ice from the River Amstel was used to keep the precious Pilsener cold in the brewery before the times of refrigeration. The bond between Charles and Johannes and the brand it created are both inspiring icons of quality, dedication and friendship.

Our Beer

Our classic, golden Amstel Beer, with its very distinctive and mildly bitter taste, has over the years become well known beyond the borders of its native country. The entrepreneurial spirit of the brand has created a host of brand extensions, such as: Amstel Lager, Amstel Premium Pilsener, Amstel Light, Amstel Bright, Amstel Radler and Amstel ULTRA.